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Saturday, 9 March 2013

Osu Oxford Street; A tale of two halves

What is the worth of  mankind  
We breath too easy to show gratitude 

Maybe that is why it must be why 

Why we gallivant like lords on earth 

Like the Greek gods with selfish traits 

Sending storms out without provocation 

Between birth and death aligned the cosmos 

Where we walk the long road to rose cottages 

Some are chained and others free 

Money is made an emotional leach 

To make destitute of some, worn-out 

And make others flaunt their wear 

I sat by the street at night solemn  

Surrounded by neon lights and casino roulette  

In spots where the haves sit in Osu, Oxford street

And the have-nots walk in the shadows of the dark 

An old lady came to me, she begged 

She announced "Sir I am not made mad as seen

Not by virtue of my being, but circumstance 

Circumstance has robbed me of my dignity" 

I stretched an arm and gave a helping hand 

While still wondering what is the worth of  mankind 


  1. What our worth indeed...well put.
    And the perceived poor extort from the rich in an attempt to bridge the gap.

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