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Monday, 25 March 2013

The falling faithfuls

A story about a man on a donkey 
And a crowd that gathers 

Palm branches waved in the air 
In celebration for the coming 

A story about a man, a firm believer 
In some circles a rebel, in other circles  

An anarchist against the establishment 
Who protested against the trade in wrong places 

A story about a man accused by his own 
For taking a stand to say; wrong this is 

Preachers in fine clothes, traders with commerce 
On holy grounds, lost directions of essence 

A question then, one that needs not an answer 
But demands on lament, self soul searching 

Who brought the down fall of Constantinople 
Ransacked its wealth long before the Sultan Ottoman empire  

Who shouted crucify him, be done with him 
Though one, as him was found not guilty 

If a church stands in a community and the ratio 
Of its wealth is the same or more, as opposed to the poor 

It has no meaning, let no other, tell you otherwise  
It has no essences, no ground to stand on 

And I tell you this, to protest an injustice 
To upset the apple cart, is to be crucified  

Picture by: forangelsonly.org


  1. This quite original I enjoyed it a lot.


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