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Tuesday, 12 March 2013

The Hopeless Prayer; lost empathy

Hope is hopeless without the expectation
That humanity would show empathy 

And have values enshrined on the edge to do good
Want to, or at least try to; a helping hand 

Is it to do with the 21 Century and its norm 
Or have I always been, just this blind 

Am I naive to expect decency
Or did the world just leave me behind 

In a parallel universe looking through 
But no touchy, touchy, connectivity, you hear 

Who would come to the aid of a dying man 
Left lying on the street, vulnerable to the elements 

While church bells ring hallelujah so close by 
Prayer warriors sing to the lord on a Sunday and others 

That is, but the destitute are less human to be seen 
Acknowledged, too weak and poor to be cared for 

Prayed for, wealth is the most needed medicine  
Let the dying die, it would be easier that way 

Hope is hopeless without the expectation 
That humanity would have the decency to help 


  1. I function under the premise that I must shine my light and others will be inspired to shine theirs, too. Hope, therefore, is never hopeless. However, blue days do intrude at times and the sentiments here creep in.

  2. strong kodjo...the samaritan....who is he? and when the church sits impotent nearby what of the destitute? let the dying die....what a sad perspective man...

  3. Kodjo, this is a beautiful poem, that lays out the brutal realities. I believe there is goodness and decency, it just isn't always apparent. However, if we stop believing then there is no hope. Martin Luther King said, "Everything that is done in the world is done by hope" and that I believe :-)


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