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Sunday, 17 March 2013

The confused gods

The gods are very confused 
And have been since the dawn of time 

Not sure whether to be of this earth 
Or of  heaven or another's realm  

To mind their own business 
Or which actions to take in interfering  

The gods are just this confused 
In picking an image as theirs, as them 

This is what happens when one has 
Too many options that it hinders, what role to play 

In characters defined, what grounds  
To stand on, in this passage of time running 

Mortality stops us from over lamenting 
Time is somewhat of the essence with decay 

But for the gods, easy with time 
Left feeling jealous of us mortals 

Who would have thought death 
Would be an envy, they would want to have 

The gods are just very confused 
This has been from the dawn of time 

The funny thing is, they are still around 
The gods, the gods, the gods of decadence 


  1. I like the idea of the gods being confused.

  2. I like how the gods are easy with time...nice write Kodjo...

  3. Yes, it's a world full of contradictions. What is it?

  4. glad to see that I am not the only one confused!

  5. Oh dear, it can't be a good thing to have the Gods confused, or mother nature either! But you sure gave this style! Nicely written!

  6. nicely done again....thanks for sharing

  7. Your poem will rank among my favorite Mags this week ....


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