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Friday, 16 August 2013

The Money Factory

Count to ten on your fingers, air bubbles 
And each time you count 

A finger goes missing 
Like the count down of time 

What do you value more, breaths?
A finger? a finger? just a finger?

I know a girl that works 
In the money factory, if you do want links 

She is quite good you know 
A magician with funds, abracadabra 

Changing dollars into pounds 
And all the others comes easy 

I call her the key holder 
As many that are secretly spread around town 

In unassuming shops, the key holders 
Washing currency into different forms 

If all we chase is a piece of paper 
As it is, don't argue with me boi 

To kill for, to love for, drowned, submerged  
To hate for and to save, "just on occasion" 

Did we move forward or backwards 
In our essence to cheap-in our lives 

Bought with a piece of paper 
Thin on value, burns as easy, float as dead 

To kill for, kill kill kill 
Kill with greed, kill kill kill, murder 

Count to ten on your fingers, hold your breath 
And each time you count 

A finger goes missing 
Like the count down of time 

What do you value more in life 
A finger? a finger? really just a finger? 

I know a girl who works in the money factory 
So humble she is and nice as that, a key holder 

Did someone just drown here 
Floating on water with empty worth 

I see a bag of paper, sat as money 
Unattended looking for the next victim  

The money factory, the money factory
Life in the money factory  


  1. I really like "each time you count a finger goes missing"...profound!

  2. thought provoking, what do we value most?

  3. sad...but very passionate powerful poem...

  4. nicely done and thanks for sharing this

  5. I love the repetition in this it is very effective, powerful poem

  6. This effort suggests your theory (see your bloc header) is sound.

  7. I love the countdown of time and a magician with funds abracadabra. For me this was an unexpected interpretation of the photo but I enjoyed reading it, thank you. It's a powerful, nice poem!


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