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Tuesday, 6 August 2013

Losing an arm

Are there rules in this world 
That say an enemy is an enemy  

But a friend mighty just be the same 
I fear age and time, circumstances 

Turn more friends to the dark side 
To the dark side of desire 

Greed has an eye so green it radiates 
It raptures the serenity of our co-existence 

How can I afford a trust so dear 
To allow a weakness a' vulnerability into my realm

To open up my house to 
Alibaba and the 40 thieves  

Even uncle Sam has now adopted 
A sense of paranoia, best if I know 

Best if I know what you are thinking 
"Me old friend", and not by your own admission 

Trust is obsolete to the status quo 
Who needs burn marks to affirm suspicions  

I might have to strip search you 
And prod your mind, add a lie detector test 

Just to be sure I know your intentions
And even with that I would not call it trust 

I appreciate the honesty of an enemy 
The trust of his/her intentions so pure 

Oh but a friend brings worrying thoughts 
Dandelions of would he stub me would he not 

Who killed Caesar rings bills of trauma  
No enemy known got so close to Rome 

Losing friends, making enemies 
Living  happily ever after, don't sweat it 


  1. I came across your blog through a poetry group on Facebook, and I really just wanted to take a moment to tell you that I very much appreciate your poetic talent. You seem to write much like I do. Philosophy and emotion turned to prose. And I love the integrity and honesty of it as well. You have great skill as a writer. Please don't ever stop.


  2. This is an outstanding poem of observation, and one that I completely understand from the platform of what I observe daily! Love this!

    One line that stands out especially for me is "Trust is obsolete to the status quo
    Who needs burn marks to affirm suspicions".

    So true....with all the technology at our fingertips (literally) we've lost our trust of intuition and our 'human-ness".

    Great poem!

  3. The honesty of an enemy - appreciated for its purity... love that concept and will have to ponder it. Also liked Rick's comment highlighted above.

    You make one think when reading your poetry! :)

  4. how well can you really know someone
    when all you know may very well be an illusion
    the mind jogs, jigs and reels

    Great write

  5. Thought-provoking piece...excellent as always...

  6. Alas, Uncle Sam has indeed surrendered to paranoia once again.

  7. from a painting of another time comes a poem of now very relevant


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