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Thursday, 8 August 2013

Urban life (easy now)

Rush chaotic sounds 
Polluted lights, speed walks walks 
Concrete jungle, stress

We use to live on 
Trees now we live on concrete 
Trees suited monkeys 

Who is laughing now I ask 
Ha ha ha ha ha

Gosh, I just dropped  
My dentures on the floor here, here
Help me look for it


  1. two connected pictures........well expressed.

  2. ha yes we are just suited monkeys now in the concrete jungle...smiles...rather funny close too man....

  3. Yikes! It is very difficult to be alive in the modern world that is certain. A mordant wit here. k.

  4. Sometimes 'civilization' sure is hard to figure!!

  5. I suppose a monkey could have a good laugh at a human if a monkey was so inclined to worry about something other than living...smiles..I loved your poem...

  6. true that..stress of urban life..amusing read but one with a good message

  7. wonderful satirical end to drive home just how 'civilized' we humans really are ""_~


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