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Tuesday, 27 August 2013

Burnt memories

I had to empty my wardrobe, every nook and crannies 
The other day, clearing it all out, the other day 

I had to go down on my painful knees 

To open boxes with dust and cobwebs hold 

I had to empty it all out, all my worth and riches 

Not leaving any behind for nostalgia and its cronies 

Outside I stood over a metal drum in the darkness of the night

Filled with papers and pictures from past memories archived 

A few I picked and lamented over for a while, memories 

Occasions past flashed, drew projected pictures on me 

Sending me to that time again, that moment again 

With all the characters and their roles played 

Then a sudden sharp pain pierced my heart 

To let go, I dropped that memory the weight so heavy 

Into the metal drum filled with my treasures of time 

Awaiting spark to burn to ashes, I will watch it burn 

Obsolete memories no longer wanted, tainted 

No longer required to be remembered, with lost value 

For each with the pain it brings as constant 

I believe I am more angered by the time 

The wasted time and the treasures to be thrown away 

The hardest part of it all, that refuses to go away 

Even after being packed in the metal drum, set alight 

And burnt to ashes, it stays, it stays and stays 

A scent, an act, a resemblance, a flash back 

A word, a laughter, a song, a date in time 

These burnt memories seem never to go away 

They stay, the harshest of it all, they stay 


  1. I wish unwelcomed memories could be burned like that.

  2. wow..very powerful...to let go old memories-not always easy, takes time....I love your lines and chosen words..great write!

  3. ....memories, good or bad, are what keep us going in life... some memories are meant to be kept...some are meant to be burried... but all must give us the chance to grow & learn from each... smiles... loved this...

  4. Letting go is seldom easy... A potent Mag offering, thanks.

  5. Nostalgia and its cronies, indeed...

  6. You've captured exactly how memories can be. It's a great post, Kodjo, thank you.

  7. i agree with Kelvin, memories are indeed what motions our life. Nostalgia mixed with intense emotions, this poem really has a compelling nature to it.

  8. It is hard to accept, but all things really are meant for our ultimate good.

  9. Like Lieutenant Dan, best to keep riding the storm !

  10. I like this very much...thanks for sharing

  11. True...powerful....and beautifully spoken Kodjo!


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