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Thursday, 15 August 2013

Prizes for knowing

If you find the connections 
Between two dots ......

You have found the 

Dark matter 

The noble prize 

Awaits you and all its glory 

If you find the steps 

Between dreams and goals 

You have found 

The secrets of life 

The prize is what you 

Want it to be 

What you my friend 

Make of it


  1. Sounds easy enough when you put it like that! I guess the simplest things, like seeing reality, are the hardest to do

  2. That's deep philosophy, and not quite easy... Kodjo.
    Enjoyed reading...

  3. It may seem simple, but I think that this is intense. Having studied a lot of Nuclear Physics, to have seen you write about antimatter in 2 lines made my jaws drop. Lovely poem. :)

  4. Liking your approach here - i'll be back for more Kodjo Regards Scott www.scotthastie.com

  5. Whoa, where did my comment go? This is very upbeat and gives the reader a lift. Thanks, Kodjo. I needed it. I especially like "the steps between dreams and goals." Well said.

  6. I liked the idea of finding the dark matter that leads to the secrets of life. Simplicity in such powerful writing. Lovely!


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