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Monday, 5 August 2013

A case in point

Sometimes I try, I really try, sweats attached believe me 
Sometimes not so much, with procrastination and sleep walking 

Sometimes I don't at all, no movement at all, deadbeat on time 
Sometimes I deviate, dysfunctional compass, spinning wheels 

But most times, in my most solemn moment, mirrors reflection 
I am reminded of what drives me, a beacon of light 

And what the vision holds, pictures drawn 
A goal in mind, realigning sentiments, objectives as sign posts 

The road is never a straight one, the compass still works 
And the focus will always get me there, foretold I can feel it 

Adjusting clocks, rewinding arms 
To tell the time, on tic toc of dreams, I aspire 

This is a case in point, an angle of thought 
A case in point being made here, as we proceed 

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