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Friday, 23 August 2013

Calling the bluff of botch

Calling the bluff of botch's threats 
I dare, I dare to, ha ha ha ha, I do dare 

To dare a stand on one's own two feet 
To jump off ships and ride the waves 

Swimming to shore, with each stride hold 
Can one sweat while swimming I wonder 

I saw a man doing just that, deep sea 
And I wondered if the sea would accept 

His salty sweat, if that would increase 
The sea level, and flood a small island 

Already endangered by global warming 
Sinking like the lost city of Atlantis  

Ok ok ok, back to being serious 
I have thrown down my gauntlet  

Called out miscarriage and his men 
Sent words home, I would be back before dawn 

So now lets fight, roll up your sleeves 
Welcome in sweat and blood 

I have called your bluff, you call mine 
A date set with destiny lets tango 

Lets tango to the beats and the rhythm 
I will sweat and add to the sea's level too


  1. The tango of living is a salty thing - often giving more than the dance wave intended. A lively, beautiful poem.

  2. the poems flows nicely, can feel the rhythm...and I love the images.

  3. I would like to hear you read this poem, Kodjo!! Perhaps to a tango beat? (Smile) I liked the interesting progression of this poem. It just flows from one image to another. It also made me smile, thinking of salty sweat increasing the sea level and flooding a small island!! I always enjoy your unique style, Kodjo.

  4. Your poetry reveals your social conscience.

  5. Your words, full of passion, give a life to your ideas that can be felt. Very nice

  6. Analyzing philosophy in the form of poetry? Now that's just... what I do in my blog, delightful. One cannot get more obscure than that, often making poems fortresses of their own signification. All that really excites me and I am glad to have found this blog! Now, let try and understand this poem.

  7. I loved the part about the sweat adding to the sea level and flooding a small island. Humorous!

  8. Fantastic piece. The tango of existence and the ever-present danger that each day may hold. I love the imagery and the various references to present day here. Well done.


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