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Friday, 18 December 2009

Beetle Bee ( A man and his Bug)

Beetle bee,
Nice like the Beatles music
Smooth, rides smooth
A culture, a way of life
A society

Art work expressed,
On a moving canvas
Individualism shown,
Expression, expressed

Beautiful and varied colours
Sprayed painted on

Waves by strangers,
Bounded by the beetle
Body sharp like pregnancy
Inside as I ride,

Succumbed in comfort
Like a baby in a womb
Beetle bee
Like the Beatles music
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  1. Makes me wona ride in a beetle

  2. yes, people sure don't paint their cars as they did in the sixties.

    people who lived in their cars back then maybe were more proud?

  3. hey - my first car was a beetle in exactly that color...an old one though...bought it for 1000 Deutsch Mark when i was 18..smiles...the beatles and the beetle...both have culture status for sure..

  4. This poem made me smile. I love the succinct and lucid writing.
    Glad to have found it through "dVerse" today.

  5. nice...would not mind a ride..art on a movable canvas is a nice turn of phrase as well...you reached back in the vault for this one...

  6. I like it! I always loved Beetles.

  7. I always wanted a bug, bumper stickers or not!

  8. For me, this is a trip back in time. Gotta love those beetles.

  9. Smooth like those curves.

  10. Well, that seems like one cozy ride :)

  11. like a baby in a womb - so true!

  12. The new ones are still loud though.
    A relative has one and has given it
    to their daughter now! They will run
    forever. Smooth write here.

  13. I've always loved the little vase and flower they put in there now. Home sweet home... beetle bug... learned how to drive a stick shift in one of these.


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