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Wednesday, 16 December 2009

Street Lights My Path Way

Arrow stands, on direction, this directions, this movements
Stick, sticking on things, like insect sticking on lights
Lighting up my path way, that way
Forward movement, moved in formation
Formed arrows giving directions

Informed, I am directed in ways of a chosen path
Side steps made on my path way
Alarm bells rang on misdirection
Back on my path way

Streets lights, zoom, zooming past
Lighting up my path way
Signs past by, on my pathway
Symbols of my past ways,
Of my pathways

Brake, braking, foots on brake pads
Breaks taken on lay-by
Time out on lay-bys
Bye , byes

Back on my pathways
Stick, sticking on my pathway
Zoom, zooming past street lights
Through life's, path ways..

I am in the zone..
Sight set, clocked, fixed, locked
Gauged, visualised 
To set balls rolling, I am in the zone

I am in the zone, in the zone..
Streets light, lighting up my path ways
And I am in the zone.


  1. you opened my eyes to a whole new perspective

  2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  3. 'alarm bells rang on my misdirection'
    Sooo true...

  4. I was right there in the zone with you.

  5. This was totally cool.

    In the zone. Yeah. : )

  6. 'Tis a good thing to ride in the zone!

  7. oh yea!! Flooded with all kinds of lights!! Almost blinding us though.. don't you think?! Yup, I share your sentiment... as in the zone as I can be!!

    A superb take on the magpie!!


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