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Thursday, 3 December 2009

When It's All Said and Done

I am now, I live in the now
my presence of being as it is now
is what I am defined by

My dreams are many
a vast array of check list
Things I have to do before

Before is not for tomorrow
but in my presence today
No longer am I given the luxury
of holding back till tomorrow

My priorities are to be changed
who comes first,
my time is of the essence

What is it in life
can I do without this day
This minute, the eleventh hour 

Who is it that I think of so dear
That I feel the need
To spend my last breathe on

Do I become brave,
And say the words that
I seem to never find,
Just when it matters most

Looking you in the eye,
I am flooded with emotions,
Finally realising

It is you that matters most
And for you, I will spend
The rest of this day with
When it is all said and done

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