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Tuesday, 15 December 2009

In The Queen's Land

Palanquin seats with silver roses
Red carpets
and golden shoes
China plates, and cutlery for service  

"Welcome your honour" 
With white gloves and long back coats
He leads I follow

Green as nature
With carpets of green, green grasses
Trimmed to an inch of perfection
Fountains of endless flow

Cups of tea
Would Sir like a cup of tea?
I would, but its midday
Not to worry Sir
In the land of the Queen
Time has no boundary on cups of tea

Silver tray’s China tea cups
Kilt wearing short breads
Ginger bread men and Cad-bury chocolate
My comfort is an ocean of dreams
I am Royal, dinning with the Queen

Crumbling crumpets 

Of shattered dreams
Still  with dreams
Nightmare holds underlining words

This is not the agreement we had
Buckingham Palace
Was what  we agreed on
Marry Poppins and flying beds

My Fair Lady 

Gave signals, signs of disturbance  
Cold rooms, with shrinking walls
Home is paradise deserted   

Dusk to dawn of slavery for penny
Nothing but the beggar's last coin to gain

This is the harsh pill of reality 
Given to swallow
In the Queen's Land

Before making it past 
The beggar's post
In the Queen's land 
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