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Saturday, 19 December 2009

Chinese Whispers ...The grape vine

What got said
Who said what, what
Who heard what

And said what, 
What to who
Who went on to say what

Heard what 
After what, what, got said
What, was heard, what!

Who saw what
And said what, what
Along the line of what!

What pictures becoming blurry
What stories changing 

Like what, what

In the end
Who said what 
And saw what, what

What! did I hear what 
What, what
Can no longer recognize

What got said
Along the line of , 

what what 

Who saw what
And said what, what 
The grape vine, Chinese whispers
What, what


  1. Love the banter in the sound of this gossipy poem! Clever!

  2. Love it. The poem itself feels like a game of Telephone.

    Visiting from Theme Thursday :)

  3. Love the poem and the picture! xx

  4. Cleverly worded and a true depiction of gossip.

  5. Delightful rendition!! :-)

  6. ha ha perfect picturisation of gossiping. it is so accurate.



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