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Saturday, 12 December 2009


Why does sleep not come to me..
When I  am in need of it the most..
Did I speak bad of it,
Like Chinese whispers in the King's chamber..

What ransom is it, am I to be held to..
For kidnapped are my dreams, ..
Of ghostly setting..
In the quite hours of dawn..

With frustration my mind wonders
Never calm enough
To cast the spell of dreams
Sleep in such regard, in so high regard

So much sort for..
While Caesar’s of the day
Demand their take,
Like pimps to a whore..

Why does earth refuse to take back
What was dug from it,
Always leaving soil on my feet..
Like a farmers steps on front marts home..

What price is asked of me, to pay
For the grave yard shift, am locked in
While sleep I do, among the wake
And wake among the sleep I do...
Why does sleep not come to me?

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