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Tuesday, 8 December 2009

Why Ask

Nostalgia of derailed train
Moments of emotions past
Like Christmas goodies of
Yester years, packed away
Curb web covered and lost
In time

How have you been?
Simple questions that
Pierce and dig into foreverness
Of a passage in thought

Do I choose to remember?
Do I choose to say?
Do I choose to indulge?
Or do I...., do I?

Easier to shrug off petulance
I refuse to relive in such times

'How have you been?'
Why ask questions, for which
Answers are not wanted

An Asthmatic forced into a dusty room
Fire to snow, snow to boiling water
Imprisoned in my own sweat
Yet for courtesy, keeping up appearances

Customs demands it, its "Tradition"
So I am forced to indulge
Never really with the truth
That wasn’t asked for or wanted
Just an answer will do, will do

Came the question,
How have you been
Answers that follow;

Oh, I have been great
Just got back from climbing "Everest"
Just any answer will do, will do

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