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Monday, 14 December 2009

What is Afirmation...

What do you Know about romance...
Holding hands, affections, kiss kiss
Snug,  snuggles, cuddles, 

Hunny, bunny, baby, sweety, darling ..

What do you know about love...
Joy’s of song sang, praises of her name...
No longer conscious of the audience
They look on, that looks on, keep looking

While he shouts out loud from Everest..
Happiness she brings to his heart..foreverness

What do you Know about commitment,..
Inseparable, togetherness,
Through thick and thin in bad weathers ..
Forgiveness, trust, loyalty ,care..weight gain, wrinkles..

What do you know about the home..
Where the family is made, memories of living .
Me casa where his heart resides with her love's  su casa..
What do you know about love's affirmation


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