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Wednesday, 18 July 2012

Dream-catcher; A legacy being written

Thoughts assemble brick on brick, like brick work lego 
Each to his own to ponder nothing new to wander
But the shadows of the ship shapes images that nears 
On shoreline, white flags waved; lighthouse we keep 

Blank pages gather the courage to manifest 
Hidden gems reviled,  from shy once the lighting rays 
Black becomes elegant on white background 
Blemish is just an unfinished painting on canvas 

False starts are just steps on steps, each step staircases 
This far, this long climb this ladder this height to reach 
The sounds works out fine, gym sessions, background anthems 
Like the strides in marching on ceremonies, uniformed 

And in a distance the sun sets to lay cream on the land 
Shadows of the moon, it is said  are still across the sky 
Trees invite for rest stops pillows on roots and fallen leaves 
To comfort heads the sky would provide the blanket to keep warm 

In a distance the shape nears into physicality 
The faint skeletons of  dreams gathers weight 
Into bodily forms, quicken the process 
Its cruise control now, as it all feels so effortless 

And now with chapters in book pages written 
The close line, is this close to affirm, dream catcher 
The fire will burn as promised until I finish my story 
Grandpa told me, son yours is a legacy being written 


  1. I'm no critic, but this is massive in the shifting concept of writing itself. Burning towards or hiding from the page.

    And of course the unknown legacy of all this output is there too.

    Second and last stanza. Bang.

  2. So many fine phrasings in this poem, Kodjo; but this is one of my favorites:

    "Blemish is just an unfinished painting on canvas." So very true, not only in regard to art but a person's life as well. We are all unfinished, in process of being made into a masterpiece (at least most of us, barring the truly evil among us).I enjoyed your work.

  3. From fragments of ideas, to dreams, to the physical manifestation of those ghostly ideas. Yes! What legacy will they help to create - if any.

  4. So many great lines...False starts are just steps on steps, each step staircases/ This far, this long climb this ladder this height to reach. I find that very encouraging. And thoughts assemble like brick work lego... great image. It made me want to read more. Also, I really like your statement at the top of your blog. Sometimes I can get trapped thinking I need to enter and win a contest or have something published before I'm a "real" poet. Your statement has given me resolve. Thank you.

  5. Wonderful read, with so many wonderful phrases to delve into and capture. "Black becomes elegant on white background " indeed!

  6. Lovely to read,with glorious closing lines. Grandpa is wise!

  7. "Its cruise control now"
    Love that!
    The writer/narrator/son must still be at "the wheel" to live and create a future and a history all in one fire, long may it burn.

  8. Back from Poets United and it is such a lovely read. I especially love your closing stanza.

  9. Love that last stanza too. The rest of it is wonderful, too!

  10. Blank pages gather the courage to manifest
    Hidden gems reviled, from shy once the lighting rays
    Black becomes elegant on white background
    Blemish is just an unfinished painting on canvas...I love this description of writing. A beautiful piece!


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