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Thursday, 5 July 2012

Adventure with the Greek gods

Would the sun ever touch the sea 
Each day I wonder at sunset 
Each day I wander, at sun down 
And wish to be a Greek god to know 

Does the sun ever touches the sea 
Always too far in a distance to tell 
Out in the ocean, far from me 
Does the sun ever touch the sea 

Does the sea bubble hot, like boiling water 
Does the sun cool down where they meet 
Apollo and Poseidon on a show down 
A front seat view with popcorn at sunset 

Before Achlys takes over the night 
And all innocent do sleep the night 
This is the story of adventure 
Told to the infants as bed time stories 

Just before they close their eyes
To be made Greek gods on adventures
In the morning I hope to know
If the sun ever touched the sea

Who was there, who saw it all
Who became a Greek god
And had a dream, filled with adventure
Did the sun ever touch the sea


  1. I enjoyed reflecting on the ideas expressed in this poem, Kodjo. I can imagine people in ancient times wondering this or Greek gods themselves. I like the idea of children becoming Greek gods in their sleep...we all have our dreams. The last stanza blew me away!

  2. I love the refrain and thought of the sun touching the sea ~ I enjoy those Greek stories ~

  3. You have brought ancient Greece to life.

  4. I like the repetition, and the question of 'who became a greek god' - a wonderful thought and imagery

  5. The refrain is brilliant! History is so rich with mythology surrounding the sun and the sea. Wonderful piece.

  6. I love how you allowed the story to appear as a question that must be asked. Lovely


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