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Sunday, 8 July 2012

Platform Stands

Quest for questions and answers besotted
Reasons given to establish gesture's order 

What reason stands for platforms at the manor 
To be raised as a stage so high; oh olympia

A foot higher than level ground's normal
A projected avenue of angling eye

Granted; an effort is to be made
In stepping up to be highlighted as main 

To be seen above the crowds on podium
Granted; an effort is to be made in olympia 

An opportunity is given by t' drag n' pull of  fortune 
But to make hay; granted an effort is to be made


  1. love the first two lines...


  2. Nice images, excellent read!

  3. Gday mate, i really liked this cryptic piece outlining the ages old quest for Mount Olympus, " what reason stands for platforms at the manor " , so dream like , thanks

  4. I enjoyed this philosophic poem. It stands alone on the Magpie podium of classic tales. Thank you for sharing, Kodjo. =D


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