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Sunday, 29 July 2012

When Angels Walk The Earth

Angels do not come in the light of day 
They do not visit the brightest of spots 

Not with wings white feathers that glow 
Not with blue eyes and golden silk 

On the streets with hoods, ghettos 
In the freight of corners and worry 

In the cold hang where the homeless sleep 
Angels do not come in the light of day 

Clinically sanitised in church rooms 
And decorated windows, altars with candles 

Angels do not come with wings 
All majestic and on the holiest of days  

Where plants weather and lose their green 
A beggars single shoe ever so cherished 

Angels do not come on special occasions 
They were named K9 and have always been here 
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  1. And so, I cry.

    Dogs are, indeed, angels.....


  2. An inspired poem, Kodjo. Dogs do have angelic qualities which elicits affections and faithfulness. Thank you for sharing this lovely piece. =D

  3. Inspired and wonderful.

    Anna :o]

  4. good one KD...thanks for sharing your words once again

  5. Captivating caption! The angels we seek all nights and days are ourselves. Thanks for the education bro.


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