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Sunday, 1 July 2012

My pond my life

My pond shall be full of flowers 
Yes as blue, as blue, with blue 

I could muddy my pond, if stretched to 
I have what it takes, I have always had 

Settled beneath with many a story sediments  
I could muddy my pond with mud 

But such times are long gone 
So my pond shall be of blue, yes as blue 

With flowers full, varied and plenty 
My pond shall be as blue

With leaves of yellow as is with maturity 
With leaves of green as is with continuity 

My pond shall be of blue, so blue 
Yes as blue, with blue, as blue 

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  1. I love the repetition of blue.

  2. Great line...the blue..i agree with brenda

  3. interesting voice in this...making it muddy yet knowing it should be blue....

  4. Contrast of mud and flowers I'm fond of, but the dichotomy flows elegantly off the screen with this insistence of "blue".

  5. I have to admitt that i just used that blue line (twisted it with my own voice) thank you for the inspiration

  6. "Nel blu dipinto di blu..."

  7. Nice....the leaves and their colors are beautifully said....

  8. I too love the repetition of blue and the flowers floating.


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