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Tuesday, 3 July 2012

Nightingale's Honor

I listen to the silent loud night, as you do
As you do also and I wonder 

Is the night entitled to cast shame 
On the lonesome vessel 

That held for centuries old 
The sparkle of dame as blessed  

Are words authored not to be of ignominy  
To call as the oldest profession as thus

And walk on eggshells with disobedient 
Empty of the cradle that once was tended  

But then I ask which one of you cowards
Came by foot to court’s assembly

As you journeyed from stars to earth, nine 
Is the night entitled to cast this shame 

The orchid will be the lady of the night for me
To bring back honor, to Nightingale's shame  


  1. nice....really like that last stanza man...it sums it up well...

  2. Great poem. Orchids are perfect.

  3. Just how powerful a stalk of flower can be! Beauty will be an equalizer! Very searching thoughts, Kodjo!


  4. Poignant!! Well written...

    "As you journeyed from stars to earth, nine
    Is the night entitled to cast this shame"

    This is intriguing!


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