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Monday, 23 July 2012

The Emptiness of Midas

The emptiness of Midas's wealth; 
In a field full of ones so desired 

Midas oh midas my dear midas 
Lived in the valley of the fields beyond gods 

Where tress and wild bush did grow
Where wild flowers popped up in summer 

And nature gave fragrance so splendid 
Of glory to the scent of smell 

A patch of land was set upon by Midas 
Sharing with neighbors in the valley 

Soon that strectch of land seemed so small 
And he wanted more on harvest of carrots 

Midas woke up early one day when all was asleep   
He set about sabotaging all that was around 

Midas gained a land bigger than before, it worked 
As his harvest grew so did his power and hanger 

Midas became the biggest land lord in the valley 
And every year he increased his ownership hold 

After all the riches gained Midas was finally 
Content though just to a point, with an emptiness inside 

For completion and fulfillment he needed acknowledgement 
Respect and honor, friendship, care and to be loved 

Midas craved a companion to hug and to hold 
To tell of all his adventures, and glory 

But as friends he turned all to carrots of cold gold 
And never did any stay or survive his ambitions 

He could never call those that stayed around friends 
For they never saw him as so and he knew it too

Midas felt poor, and paranoid for all the wealth he had 
It dawned on him then that the richness of man 

Is more with value of the company of love one kept 
As he stood in a park with a million carrots and empty joy 

He kept having to pay more each time to keep  
Those that stayed around, and more each time he paid 

Knowing and seeing as he looked in their empty eyes 
The same cold reaction he got from his carrots of cold gold 


  1. funny i have a poem i wrote about midas a while back that i have never put out there...on how lonely his life must have been....nice verse man....

  2. NICE !...excellent turn in the end and utilizing imagery from the picture into your words...there is no price for friendship

    if you care to read:


  3. this is what modern economics feels like
    breaking ecology for a distorted system of property


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