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Tuesday, 24 July 2012

Ten steps away

In the dark with contemplation ripe  Visions foreseen on dreams mill, crawl if you must  Close on count down with graduation robes  Resolution and assertion made to stand  Anticipation and heard drum beats of hearts Sounds so loud to disturb silence bequest  Sacrifices are always said necessary  Concentration calls for streamline  Learning to block out thoughts dark  Is saving energy needed for the journey long  On the roads less journeyed we side w' R. Frost  Calling this tactical in securing a strong hold  Never to be forgotten for such zeal we assert  Passion's glow hold is entwined with the heart  I would lay a bed to comfort with milestone my seed   Secured with nurture to be awaken bearing fruits   Going with steps on the roads less journeyed  Like a walk round the house to open this front door  Hope is hoped for not grey old, before blossom  I am in robes, ten steps for the roads less journeyed 
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  1. Reminded me of Frost's writing ... loved it !!!

  2. "I would lay a bed to comfort with milestone my seed"



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