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Sunday, 22 July 2012

The Numbers Game

                                                                                            Figure Eight, 1952, by Franz Kline
She will dance and be caught in motion instructed 
Franz's skeleton strokes painted to illustrate 

I will find a language so sophisticated  
And have letters made of painting like Chinese 

And numbers would be representative of figures 
What size are you to be my dear as object subject 

Models on cat walk with controversy 
But surely eight would stand as fair for decency  

Adelaide Damoah with brash strokes paints indifference 
Vivid in portraying w' image commentary what society ignores 

As strokes of each step taken on walk ways stand 
To measure elegance in fashion push for count down 

And eight becomes six, four, zero, skeleton letters 
Like faceless figures of Chinese writing on cat walk


  1. A great depiction of today's skeletal runway models... such a clever interpretation of the prompt.

  2. Wow - I love where you went with this! We are crazy when it comes to size aren't we?

  3. like faceless figures on the catwalk...ack....seriously they scare me sometimes the length they will go to find false beauty...

  4. Sad and beautiful. "vivid in portraying what society ignores..."

  5. Your comparison of the figure eight, signifying beauty to the skin and bones models of today, is brilliant and so telling. I also liked your reference to calligraphy. Wonderfully expressed, thank you for sharing, Kodjo. =D

  6. I love your take on the prompt! An adequate representation!

  7. I like this thing you call the numbers game...great photo too....there is so much beauty deep to the skin and bones! I was going to go the eight route too, but the photo spoke to me in other ways!

  8. A terrific take on the prompt!

  9. really like what you did with prompt...nicely done KD


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