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Thursday, 26 July 2012

Marvin the Squirrel King of Nuttella

Marvin the squirrel lived on a plantation of nuts on a farmer's land on the west coast, near a  human village, not far from the shores of the Atlantic Ocean. The land was rich in gold and oil, but much more so in nuts. So much so that the village was called Nutella

The village had a share of nuts and nuts so bountiful it pleased and fed all to excess. The village farmers mixed the nuts with chocolate and exported it to the human village nearby. They gained a lot in return and could buy all that they needed. 

When Marvin first came to the farmer's land he was very malnourished, skinny and small, and wore tattered clothes. With so little to eat he was starving and so was named Marvin. Dear starving Marvin.

The farmer saw Marvin the skinny squirrel thin to his bones, from a distance and rushed to his rescue. I am going to save you”, the farmer said and you will be my blessing Marvin and others will benefit from such blessing, you will be my legacy Marvin" 

The farmer quickly took Marvin the squirrel into his hut; he fed him and clothed him, keeping him warm at night from the cold. Once Marvin gained his energy, strength and health, the farmer adopted Marvin the squirrel as his own, he made him a member of his family and called him the son he never had. 

The farmer made Marvin the Councillor of the village. The whole village voted. Some were  not particularly pleased that Marvin the squirrel an outsider should hold such a prominent title. But in the end the farmer's wishes were granted by the villagers and Marvin was made the chief Councillor of the village.

To satisfy and settle minds, the privilege bestowed on Marvin was set with a time limit and his responsibility was to guide prosperity and care for the villagers, as the farmer cared for him, when he first came to Nutella the land of riches with plenty of nuts and nuts, to feed the population.

After a while the farmer passed away and Marvin found he had all the power to govern until the next scheduled election. However Marvin became ruthless as he ruled  and he asserted his authority to crush any opposition. Soon voting day neared and he became so determined to hang on to power that he devised a cunning plan.

As the time neared for the election, suddenly the price for nuts shot up and know one quite knew why. The demand for nuts had not increased and the harvest was just as plentiful, yet there seemed to be a shortage of nuts. Strangely, around the same time little hills, started appearing on the outskirts of the land. The hills were fiercely protected, guarded by the elite guarding squirrels, hand picked by Marvin himself.

Within a  short time, the villagers became very hungry except for a few. The rest starving like Marvin was when he first came to the village, thin, boney wearing tattered clothes, begging for rescue. 

A little village squirrel called Johnny happened to be playing on the fields where the hills had appeared. He had sneaked out onto the hills without being seen by the guarding squirrels. As he jumped up and down from hill to hill, he suddenly fell through one of the hills and there it was; all of the nuts from harvest seasons, carefully packed in heaps of sacks. They all had little stamps of ownership on them, neatly scribbled was Marvin the squirrel's name. 

Johnny the little squirrel was so incensed he run to tell everyone. He thought to himself everyone should know about this but just as he came out of the nut hill, he bumped into the guarding squirrels.

The guarding squirrels went wild and laid into Johnny beating him soundly. Then kept him imprisoned to prevent him from blowing the whistle to the whole village, telling them where all the nuts were being kept while they went starving and hungry. 

All the time that Johnny the little squirrel was being kept against his will he wondered why the guarding squirrels were happy to help Marvin the squirrel hide the nuts, while the villagers starved. 

The guarding squirrels were from the same village Nuttella, they had family members starving in the village, they had friends starving in the village, yet would only give the nuts to those who gave their support to Marvin. Johnny the little squirrel wondered what would become of the village if Marvin held on to power at the elections. He wondered what it would mean to those that  voted against him. 

In foreign lands the farmer's little village Nuttella was still being praised; some said, it was of great richness but others who have heard recent stories from Nuttella were of a different opinion, they spoke of a decaying and run down Nutella, with little prospects and high corruption since Marvin took over. 

Johnny the little squirrel suddenly felt a need to use the bathroom as he sat caged behind bars. That was when he opened his eyes and realized it was all a dream. He had fallen asleep after reading the oracle's letter. Marvin was still the heard councilor of the village, there was plenty of nuts in the village and the election was quite a distance away.

In the kitchen, as Johnny the little squirrel made his way back to his bed room, he noticed a jar of Nutella,  Johnny stuck his head deep in the jar, to  completely wake from his nightmarish dream, thinking the oracle must be so wrong, surely that could not happen... To Be Continued ............

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  1. I have rehabbed a number of baby squirrels, and they are clingy and cuddly creatures....I love this tale....The pic of the squirrel in the jar reminds me of how they bury their little heads in the almost empty peanut butter jars I leave around in the yard...

  2. I enjoyed the story. Marvin meets up with a person who loves power, etc.

  3. That photo at the end of the story is pure, utter perfection!!! Well done!

  4. CRAZY! love it x visiting from no 8 at the WOE linkup xxx

  5. This is so much fun! Can't wait for the "continued". Slap some illustrations on it and publish as a kids' book and I'll buy three copies!

  6. I think you are right about how some will do everything they can to stay in power and the oracles have predicted this for thousands of years. The saddest thing is that the people of the land go like lambs to the slaughterhouse when they vote. They believe that those in power have the public's best interest at heart when all they are truly interested in is staying in power.

    The villager's must get out from under the stranglehold of what they think are free benefits of Nutella and realize that those in power had to steal the Nutella benefits from others who had worked hard for their Nutella, only to see those in power take their Nutella and call it the NUT Tax. And the sad thing is that the more NUT Tax taken the less they wanted to work because they knew they would never see the benefits of their hard work and it was hard to see others not willing to work as hard get all the Nutella they could eat.

    And soon no one was working to harvest the nuts and those in power soon had to resort to slavery to make sure they and theirs had enough Nutella to eat. While the once hard workers became too weak in both body and spirit soon saw their maker who called them fools and told them that he had given them the power to change things with each new election and it was their fault for not having Term Limits, and for believing they could get something for nothing. He told them that in the end it had cost them plenty. They had brought forth a new type of slavery, loss of dignity and self worth. He told them that he hopes that little bit of rationed Nutella was worth their souls.

    I sure do hope your villagers have a better ending then the nut cases of my village.

    This was a fun way to connect and to play in this weeks Theme Thursday.

    God bless.

  7. Interesting story. I'd love to see what happens next.


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