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Tuesday, 17 July 2012

The Alcatraz Men

Alcatraz stood form on t' pond  w' mental lock down 
Like no other building was so near to inspire  
A garden of Eden sat bang in metro-poly 
With modern pollution yet undisturbed 

Basking in its own ways, oblivious to civilization  
Back in the day, to say yesterday never went away  
With keys dangling holding locks on hell's metal 
Gates, burning on touch to keep absent  invaders 

Alcatraz stood firm like forgotten people 
Microcosm of evolution as dinosaurs in Jurassic parks 
Until Indiana turns the lights on, for vampires 
Like cockroaches to rush off and hide from know   

Fearing the sun will blind, an ice age relic  
So behind in decades like inbreeds they stood 
Inside the box with thoughts; the edges would be a taboo 
Never mind a venture outside, just as unheard of 

They stood like Alcatraz to stand form firm 
On the pond; truly they were backwards in tradition 
They talked funny; not meaning to be funny w' thought 
They just talked funny with acts that followed Alcatraz men 

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