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Thursday, 30 August 2012

A Calling Card

Last I spoke to my Father
We had a chat about the weather
And spoke at length about the politics

We had a chat like we always do
Where we talked about, the this, the that
The there, the where and mostly the English weather

Last I spoke to my Father
He asked about the family, the family  
And how life was treating one, one I say "is just fine"  

As follows, there is always that awkward pause
Before the conversation goes into a long chatter, rather  
At the point of essential, just when my call unit runs out

Last I spoke to my Father it was about a chatter
It has been a long while now... I say, since we had a chatter
So today I bought a call card to call my Father for a chatter  


  1. Hello,
    Thanks for being part of Thursday Poets Rally and hope to see you continued support …your input is valued…
    We are giving you the perfect poet award for week 71 today, enjoy!
    If you take it, please nominate another poet in your poem post, and leave your acceptance link under our award post, thank you in advance!
    Happy End of August! Have A Grand September Ahead!
    Looking forward to seeing you in the rally next time again!

  2. I can relate to this immensely, in my own relationship with my old man.

  3. Such a relateable piece--I loved the tone and rhythm of this!

  4. I can feel the connection between you and your father. It touched my heart.

  5. Whenever it's about a father and the sometimes really difficult relationships that parent and children have, I can relate... Sometimes it's hard to say I love you...

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