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Sunday, 12 August 2012

Cracking the Morse Code

 I am confident I have cracked these codes at last 
This mystery hold and yee of little consequence 

Than  thoughts would first have us believe  as so 
As not dealing with such darkened hold be wise to 

So as to fester more with paranoia grip of weary hands 
And the shadows have no weight to hold strong 

The shadows have no substance for their night freight 
Is from the illusion objects thrown on walls 

By reflecting the very lights of brightened worlds  
I have broken this captive thought 

To climb out of my own cage of self  bondage 
To walk free and be set free with know 

Awakened from the darkness of trepidation 
Oh how the story self defeats, burring heads 

Deep into sands vying to escape as means from t' rising tide 
The mud of the sea smells fears and panic with ease 

And grips harder to pull deeper slave to its course 
I have broken the code at last, the chains were never 

With locks so strong, this is the realisation of old guns 
I am confident I have cracked the morse code at last 
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  1. oh!1 this is amazing and i loved your reading of it and how it nearly became a song....wonderful...x

  2. I too love your reading. It really draws you in and gives it life.

  3. So expressive and enlightening.... 'Awakened from the darkness of trepidation'.... beautifully stated and meaningfully read. The repetition enhances your thoughts. Thank you for sharing this, Kodjo.

  4. I like where you took us, and I am sure you will break the code! Very nice writing!


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