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Sunday, 5 August 2012

101 Friedrich Nietzsche Paparazzi

And those who were seen dancing
Were thought to be insane by those
Who could not hear the music -
Friedrich Nietzsche

This is before hands free kit
Mobile phones and the like
Blue tooth becoming 
The norm, as today's gizmos

Yet though as justified as a measure
With reasons of linked notion
Communication between one
As advancement in technology

Insanity is what has become of
The 21 century being with gadgets
Where once paparazzi with chase  
Was of the elite pester in show business

And the instinct of one and every, was to
Help a neighbor or be a stranger
Back on their feet with empathy upon fall
Without thought of the likeliness of sue  

In these times, strange an attraction
That acts would be to see
When phone cameras are out rather  
To be the first with exclusivity

Snap snap snap.....
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  1. Your poem definitely is a good commentary on the oddities of the 21st century. Indeed one must always be aware of the possibility of a phone camera taking a movie of you, and if one sees a person dancing alone or singing or talking to 'oneself' on the street one cannot draw a mental illness conclusion. Enjoyed this.

  2. Social commentary at its best, here. Signs of the times indeed.


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