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Tuesday, 21 August 2012

Rabbit Hole; The Pit Fall

I have had such thoughts before 
That briefest of moments then it faded away 

Looking down the rabbit hole, strings 
Hypnotic calls from deep below 

I have had such thoughts before 
And none may know my darkest point 

I would be wise to hold back a converse 
On any such words to describe intentions  

To bring to life; I have deniability for now 
It was of a phase alien and with confiding 

None may know I have deniability for now 
And shades of grey will not near my grace again 


  1. Looking down the rabbit hole
    Hypnotic calls from deep below

    ...great line! A nice write Kodjo.

  2. I agree with Poet Laundry - indeed a great line.

    I enjoyed the overall poem as well, the last line not only giving a hint at the context, but also giving hope that in denying those thoughts one could also be free of them.

  3. A fine and deptful write here, Kodjo.

  4. I second the Poet Laundry's statement - that is a really really great line from a great read :)


  5. I love the opening two couplets - wonderful rhythm and imagery!

  6. Very deep ponderings, and so well expressed.

  7. I love the line "a phase of alien"
    And you beginning is stunning, so gray and the descent of spiraling
    This really gives us a lot to ponder!
    Well Done


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