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Wednesday, 1 August 2012

My Love Don Go

Time it seems wants to take his own back 
Like a playground child w' ownership in his hands 
Enforcing with intent to bully emotion sadness into joy 
It is mine I want it back, in insistence he holds 

Regardless of your present stands of declare 
I am more than cheerful for being that crude 
Time it seems wants to collect his own back 
Like minutes run, allowed on jukebox dance mat 

Enforcing the echoes of silence in mid-dance 
Courtesy is over rated and without show to falter 
It is mine, I want it back; hear me loud
And the heavens can rain tears regardless  

Time it seems wants to take his own back  
Like a plague on harvested grain
To leave courtship dead in the course of try
But what of love and what passion we share

What of the entwined bond we hold of touch 
What of promises we made in dream's pool 
Time it seems wants to collect his own back 
As seasons ends and autumn emerge 

We met on crossroads, on routes home
We shared a den and scattered like birds disturbed  
O my love don go, the cruelty of time clouds heavy 
The rains gather with tears to mourn this premature 
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  1. a sorrowful lament...beautifully worded - Felt like I was floating....

  2. Yes, sometimes it seems it would be good to go back. Sometimes. Enjoyed this poem very much.


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