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Friday, 17 August 2012

An Uneven Relationship

I love the west, though I hate the west
I hate the west, and yet I love the west

It is not for like or love or hate that entice me
To be of a kind and be so conflicting

To love the west and hate the west
I hate the west and to love the west

Though I love the west, I hate the west
And I pardon not my grievance so strong

For I gathered with a thousand around 99 
We were to  fight this course of freedom

I love the west, to assemble such courage
I love the west, brave William Wallace

Yet when questions were asked
For patronage of the course sincerely

I found I hated the west though I loved it
For double standards, I hated the west


  1. A good poem of mixed feelings. So often things are not just perfectly clear...in anything.

  2. Even your dichotomy has clarity, for me.


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