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Sunday, 26 August 2012

Philosophy On A Sunday Sermon

Stranger than fiction is seasons of the world past
Present and as at, as at before with strings
Secrets of the past made subject interlude 
Of our enquiry to indulge, "hanging apples"

History by historians writes "history boys"
Always has that hint dot of fiction attached
For no story is complete without the cacophony 
Of special effects based on dramatisation of views 

Hence the grape vine and the Chinese whispers
The missing chapters and the thorn out pages
Enquiry always leaves room rich for imagination 
The unknown breeds fertile in rapid thoughts 

Speculation, to trust the mind to go 
On a wild hunt of suspense "who done it"
Between all the spiritual books and all
The Egyptian scrolls of present past  

The unequivocal stands made 
Is to have truth as a chapter subject to
Once preferred associated stands
If Hitler was to write the history books

For the bible knows and tells me so
So as to analyse what I read rather
Than take it as raw like sushi on face-value  
A chapter has subjected angles of thoughts  

Nature "God", has never spoon fed
Man to start now with the history boys
What with a big brain given and 
The will to explore with intriguing notions   

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1 comment:

  1. Lovely exploration of enquiry learning beyond the staid bias of history books!


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