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Sunday, 26 August 2012

The Big Room

When summer came
Bursting lights through day
The windows and curtains winning bright

An ambience of euphoria was felt
Spreading wings wide
With arms of ecstasies rain to pour

The clock had a shadow t' pictured frames did too
 That showed rays direction as signs
The sun was to be worshiped from such angle

The single legged table had a bowl
Which sat with ripe fruits
Red red apple, ripe red apple it was

Though strangely strangely as it was
With warmth of all at present stand
It was the fire place, old love from winter
The soul of the house in winter's gather 
Which stood so strangely dark and cold
Ghostly quiet distance from summers' joy


  1. Oh, the cold hearth, the silent center! Good insight, I like it.

  2. A room does seem ghostly with no people present and only the remembrance of a warm, blazing fire. A dark hearth is telling. Thank you for sharing this, Kodjo. You have captured the lingering memories suggested in the painting so beautifully.

  3. well done KD...thanks for sharing this

  4. You have made the house come alive Kodjo....great writing! :-)


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