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Tuesday, 28 August 2012

The Time Capsules and Me

As richness places I, I was to be rich 
Rich, rich, rich, beyond one's wildest dream 
As a man, I  was to be rich in status standing 
Standing  free, wealthy and rich as status be 

And to be that rich only warrants 
The thirst of perpetual stay, of course I concur 
Putting my weight of gain and health and all  
And all my chips on such status standing 

I concur, no one in their rightful mind would want 
To see the end of good stead, if expectation perish
Is made void, quitting while one is ahead is only 
In anticipation of a down turn in status standing

And if that is an affair of the consequence of wealth 
Then thus is void in this scenario stated, and quitting
Is a concept alien to proceedings as proceedings go 
To thus maintaining t’ status quo as status standing 

Though one as human with weakness of mortality 
This is one battle for now even the richest of men 
Can not win, not yet, though Benny Ecclestone and Paul McCarty 
Would wish so, quicker, as Jackson once did in status stand 

A proposal then to be made, in cometh the time capsule
Dry freeze and hibernated in a mid-state of death as sleep
As a compromise to science's shortfall to be awaken 
In a thousand years time in status stand

Would I still be relevant like E.T 's cool 
Keeping up with the Jones as they do 
Like Shakespeare and Charles Dickens 
In status stand, the time capsules and me 

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  1. I like this. Something Sokratean about it that keeps knocking on my brains backdoor.


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