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Friday, 10 August 2012

Time and the L-plate

It is funny how time flies 
Never in a straight line, lanes  
Always with adjustment on mirrors 

Like a leaner driver with L –signs plastered 
Always too close, too far, too near, too wide 
Three point turns, as never, as smooth, as mentioned  

Parallel parking funny enough 
Time is good at that, though that depends 
Just so as not face the right side seems the buzz  

On wrong roads missing no entry signs  
Most a times reverse parking to correct close calls 
As life's scratches on the bodywork becomes the norm 

It is funny how time flies 
Fast like a NASCAR driver 
And always around in circles round 

Round, round around we go 
Burning rubber on round about 
It is funny how time flies 

Accommodating us with a philosophy of life 
On the learner's curve, then to nostalgia after pass  
It is funny how time flies never in a straight line 

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1 comment:

  1. arrrrrrgh! to be honest, i prefer poems which have rhymes

    Lovers' Shore


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