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Saturday, 13 October 2012

3inch Shorter

A length wrapped cloth 
Shorter than my height before 
I shrunk at old age  


  1. Awesome haiku. With a smile ... we're shrinking before we die.

  2. aloha Kodjo - altho "shroud" can be and your haiku is a sensitive subject for some, i think there is also an element of humor in your haiku. I like that. aloha.

  3. This made me smile as well! "I shrunk at old age." How funny! But I can relate. When I was 18, I was 5"5" and now I'm 5" 4 1/2" Crazy right?

  4. Classic description! I'm still smiling with mirth. (even though my girth has not shrunk with age)

  5. Nice one. The picture catches my attention. :)

  6. This is a powerful and well written one, Kodjo.


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