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Monday, 22 October 2012

Ticking All The Boxes

My thoughts on dreams 
Feels so heavy, at times, sometimes 

As with the match past celebratory  
Safe grounds-end of greenery 

Into avenues where in lies the unknown 
Flights fright seem to be as free fall 

With parachutes absent on default 
And yesterday’s assurance set as void 

To be a man is to grow a beard 
To be a woman is at "that time of the month" 

For daily or monthly respectively, respectively  
Brings burden to bear, respectively, shave  

Discomfort becomes as prerequisite, on such 
Drive for achievement ticking all the boxes 

As thus for my thoughts on dreams lament 
I will have to be dead not to feel sometimes 

At times, so heavy with contemplation fear 
But such is a qualification on my dreams 


  1. Discomforts and no parachutes - sounds like being human, all right. I enjoyed this, Kodjo!

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