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Sunday, 7 October 2012

Dodgy Stickers Political Tag

In a land of pretense and who you know 
No no no; it has all changed now 
Political correctness, now as it stands 
It is, who knows you to be precise 

Though name dropping can be as effective 
As tools for blagging one's way through 
Closed doors, and unpicking locks  
Walking through walls, like Houdini 

Attendance, as is by special invitation only 
To know the right words and people 
And to say the right things, as secret codes 
Dropping names as passport holds, opening doors 

Do you know who I am, as certification to have 
Dodgy stickers in a land of pretence 
And presumptions, special interest as a norm 
Who sent you, to establish grade of position 

Anas, Anas is on the tail of dodgy stickers 
Out to catch plastic figures with political tags 
Questionable moral grounds, a wolf and a sheep 
At least someone is out to get them, dodgy stickers  
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