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Saturday, 6 October 2012

A Douechebag The New Vogue

Wiggle a wincy dincy wiggle 
Cute as a cat's tail striped 

Fluffy fury worn for a cocktail in fashion 
Lupe, dopey, animal rights chasing Gaga 

A friend I know, I would have to know 
To be a friend, dum dum diddle dum 

Said just call all such kind as 
A douchebag, a douchebag  

To say such a word is in fashion too 
A douchebag, a  douchebag on a Paris catwalk

What or who is a douchebag  
Is it this season's designer bag in vogue 

Seriously I had a poem in mind 
Just don't know where it went..

A douechebag, a douechebag 
Guess that makes me a douechebag 
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  1. Dr Seuss has some serious competition! :-)

  2. haha...had a kid call me a douchebag not too long back...so i had him write me a paper on what it meant....humorous close on this kodjo...love the animal rights chasing gaga touch...ha

  3. I like your humor here, Kodjo. Also shows how sometimes poetic ideas we have sometimes take another turn as we write. (And I find myself wondering about the rise in popularity of the word 'douchebag.' LOL)

  4. This made me smile, especially the not knowing where the poem you had in mind went! Happens to us all, kiddo! I am old enough to know what a douchebag was, back in my grandma's day. I'm not telling!

  5. ha ha :) loved it!

    Maybe you should let your serious poetic ideas fly away a little more often.


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