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Friday, 5 October 2012

To Meet The Buddha

Don't write anything, don't say anything
Don't let your mind be with any thought

Don't ponder, don't wonder, don't lament 

Don't reflect, don't analyse, don't diagnose

Don't say anything, don't think of anything 

Don't be of thought as concentrate 

Clear your mind of any envision to warrant 

Be like the sea, without a breeze, subtle stand 

Have an awaken, an out of body experience   

A  natural high, be as free as a bird, to elevate 

That is the only way, in this way prescribed 

You are going to get to meet the Buddha 

Plus bring some dosh, you know, ching ching

That would be for me, man's got to eat 

Buddha or not, man's got to it 
Say 10% what do you think 

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