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Monday, 29 October 2012

A Parable Of Complacency

I was told a story; story, story told 
That sought to answer a question 
I always had in mind to digest 

Lingering and needing a reconciliation 
With rituals of thoughts 
Pondering to find elaboration  

How can a rat chew the fingers 
Of a man and why not wake man 
From such pain, you fool 

How deep do you sleep 
To have been so unaware 
Of the bites, chewing deep into skin 

What is the greatest trick 
The devil ever played 
Playing fast hands to elude views 

And for each law that got made 
This ship of titanic gargantuan magnitude 
Slowly  slowly of hidden consequential 

Turned around on course to face the Iceberg 
While we danced ignorant of  change 
These sequence of activities impending 

How did the man not know 
That the rat had his fingers 
As chewing steak to the bone, to the bone 

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