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Wednesday, 3 October 2012

Subject To A Subject

I feel connected when 
When I am with you 

I say! what an interesting take 
You have on the subject 

Subject to the subject on stand 

Of notions I once had, subjective 

Acquired on the basis of assumptions

Made before hand, show of hands 

Had I known, would as well be 

After, after conjecture 

Okay "judge quick!" that eager 

But was I not to have an opinion 

Who ever doesn't as instinct  

At first sight concept before know  

Subject to a subject as subjective 

To be set in context, who ever doesn't 

I say! what an interesting take 
You have on the subject 


  1. Fascinatingly fabulous! Loved it forwards and backwards!

  2. Connectedness well demonstrated! I puzzled over con-gesture, and wondered if it was just conjecture.


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