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Thursday, 11 October 2012

The Jimmy Savile's Story

Open your palms, let me read you
It is hard these days to take a man's
Word for what it is, fearing short-change

When angels walk the earth with blonde hair 
With gold chain worn that dangle glim 
Shim-erring to create a persona, pink glasses  

Charisma would come so easy with charm 
It is to be  expected to be ordained 
And be a hope to the world 

Walk on paths, where the soul of  the masses 
Stand in need to bring light and say 
I am of flesh but of angel make 

I am an angel of man 
To walk this earth and be celebrated 
At death; tomb stones with poetry 

And charity names inscribed  
This is for the angels 
That walked the earth 

I saw a horn grow out of  his skull 
And wings as white as snow 
With dirt corrupt and burns like the devils 

Did we allow the devil to walk 
Free amongst us, only to claim 
He was the devil in person after death 

To stone a grave and uproot a tombstone 
On mob attack from the masses 
Not from the victims but you spectators 

Who jumped on the band wagon 
I knew this, I knew that 
I knew of  Jimmy Savile and said nothing 

All this while, shame on you 
All this while and said nothing 
Only to jump on the bandwagon today 

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  1. I didn't know who Jimmy Savile was... this was very well written and very enlightening...a great use for poetry.

  2. I read this a second time through to grasp the meaning. It certainly made me think. A very original write.

  3. This is a very strong poem. I liked how you turned the images from pure to corrupt, just by twisting the phrases. Well done.

  4. It's sickening what Jimmy did, abusing his celebrity for sick benefits like that. Although I;d never have sent my child his way in those days - I always remember how he made my spine shiver, freaked me out. But this is awful, and you're right, those who now claim to have 'known' something should hang their heads in shame. A great choice of subject to highlight with your poetry - loving it. X


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