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Tuesday, 2 October 2012

Othello Othello

Othello, Othello, the question I ask is 
Who would hold firm, solid  
The foundation of this house 

Never open your palms to a fortune teller with tricks 
The future is made of many parts in manuscripts 
Before being presented on production stage as play 

Re-writes are constant and winds change directions 
That is why the weather man, finds it hard 
As noble men do, to have a sound reputation 

To be cast in the same light as a politician 
Othello, Othello who would hold firm 
The foundation of this house 

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  1. Yeah, fortune telling is trickery. Well done, here.

  2. Othello, Othello.... being an actor , primarily on stage, naturally your words and your inquiry delight me. Love the rhythm and tempo.

  3. Very good, clever... rhythmic X here from #OctPoWriMo X

  4. great take on the prompt and fabulous rhythm!

  5. Nice play on a great Shakespeare story. Othello, Othello may not have kept the foundation together. I just love the whole flow of your poem.

    Happy Theme Thursday and a great Foundation poem.

    God bless.

  6. I would like to know Othello's answer, if any...
    Very original take on the prompt, excellent rhythm all through your poem.
    My favourite lines:
    "...winds change directions
    That is why the weather man finds it hard,
    As noble men do, to have a sound reputation"

    (no comma after weather man, I think, but after hard).


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