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Monday, 8 April 2013

A Day Like Monday

As the sun comes out
The birds sing to wake my soul

The dogs gr-avail with growl, barking  
Fearful tactics to ward-off competition

On breakfast banquet 
Served for the morning wake, rise and shine 

My heart slowly wakes to welcome dawn 
Of a new day, to celebrate life with breath 

But this day, somehow, someway 
It is not to be, following drum roll 

The gates of the flame of life that burns 
Seems half stuck, jammed in position 

The winds are absent from the windows 
To bring fresh air into stuffy rooms 

My thoughts are clouded 
It seems the rain is coming, but then it doesn't 

And then Monday is over 
I am sitting in the bright orange roof house 

Admiring the view of the hills and the sky 
And the weight is all gone 

Picture by: http://dzordzorme.blogspot.com/

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